Enterprise Search, The Next Big Battleground? – from InternetNews article


"In a panel discussion here at the Gilbane content management conference, officials from Google and Microsoft had a cordial debate over how the two companies address the enterprise search market. Jared Spataro, group product manager for enterprise search at Microsoft, said there were three main areas of search: commodity, high end specialized services and mid-market "true enterprise" services. He said Microsoft plays in and continues to invest in all three areas.

Spataro acknowledged the broad reach of Google  as a consumer brand and said the search giant's ambition to organize all the world's information was "a fantastic goal."

However, he then went on to say that Microsoft  thinks organization is just a starting point. "We're focused on what people are going to do with that information," said Spataro. He compared Google's approach to applying search as a solution to using nails to solve every problem because the only tool you have is a hammer.

Spataro said enterprise IT buyers will become more interested in search "but not as a standalone, but as part of a whole infrastructure." Noting Microsoft has over 400 million users of its Office products and more for Windows, Spataro said Microsoft can appeal to those customers in a different way than Google with it's well-known Internet brand. "

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