This is not a Microsoft’s Blogging System!

It is not simple to use. It is not integrated with my AD. Is it not simple to change email settings (for me). It is not standard. It don't have offline editing (you have to configure by yourself all tools). It is not manageble by frontpage. It look not so we can.

Please, help us to make a better blogplace.



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  1. Roberdan1 says:

    and…if it will be possible to post from OneNote…I will be happy 😉

    I’d like to post but I want concentrate on contents, not in tool. I like Windows and Office, please make blogging simpler from this tool. Or make different version. Make a Linux version…make your marketing decision, but le me know when I can post on this blogplace simpler as is possible. I’m don’t ask a translation service embedded on the system, but something better than now.

    Aren’t you?

    Regards & Thx!

  2. Stephen says:

    I would suggest you have a chat with Owen part of the Onenote 12 team. Onenote 12 can blog directly if I understand his posts correctly.

  3. Don Demsak says:

    If you can convince the OneNote team to finally get OneNote out of the Black Hole Software realm (Software that will suck in all your data, but will never give it back up.), more power to you. I wrote about it back in April of 2004, and Chris Prately replied. All I wanted was to be able to save OneNotes to XML, and they complained it would have been too many options, and considered bloat!

    So, OneNote is totally useless, since there is no decent method to get the data out. Saving to HTML is not a decent option, since it removes all the semantic meaning of the data.

  4. romeo says:

    Good idea for a new product.. stay tuned 🙂

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