Microsoft Office Productivity Center

Microsoft prepared these insightful training sessions after working with government officials to help you and your staffs develop and share information across agencies, departments and geographic boundaries. Save internet connection bandwidth and improve playback of the training sessions by uploading the CD contents to a local server or burning additional CDs!

Live Communications Server 2005 Demo
See how Live Communications Server 2005 improves efficiencies by enabling information workers to find and communicate with people in real time, through a security enhanced environment that is integrated with the Microsoft Office System and Microsoft Windows Server System. Learn More >>
Microsoft® Office Live Meeting Demonstration
In this hands-on session, we’ll provide an overview of the many collaborative features and our easy-to-use interface that makes Live Meeting better than ever. Experience live polls, application sharing, web tours, virtual white boarding and more. Our lively walk-through of the benefits, features and core functionality that Microsoft Office Live Meeting offers professionals all over the world is not to be missed! Learn More >>
Enable Collaboration, Improve Responsiveness, and Reduce Inefficiencies
This demo provides an in-depth look at the business benefits of a Team Collaboration Solution. Learn how this solution can help your company increase revenues and drive smarter business decisions. Learn More >>

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