Integrate Scanner with SharePoint (from GabDelGiovine, Microsoft Valuable Professional

Send scannered documents directly on Sharepoint; see a short ppt

Thx to GabDelGiovine 

PS: ai marchigiani lo SharePoint gli viene 😉

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  1. Michel says:

    and how is this been done? I’m interessted.

  2. It is done in a very simple way 🙂

    I wrote an Activex that wrap the Imaging function. This Activex implements several properties, methods and one event. The main property is FileName, the main Methods are ShowUI (show the imaiging UI) and SetInputValue. The only event is FileAcquired.

    The Activex is then embedded into the upload.aspx page using this code

    <object classid="clsid:728AE25E-B3E1-47C5-BCA3-EF3DD4073B44" id="TwainControl1" width=102 height=38>

    <param name="Caption" value="Acquire">

    <param name="ButtonWidth" value="1400">

    <param name="ButtonHeight" value="1100">



    Sub TwainControl1_FileAcquired

    Dim FileName

    Dim xval



    End sub


    One interesting trick is done by the SetInputValue. This method is capable to override the normal behavior of Input Text File type. The value of this input type can not be set using the HTML page DOM (is you can’t use things like Document.All("MyInput").value="blablabla"). But the SetInputValue can do 🙂

    I’ve a new version on final. This version is capable of read (OCR) the acquired document and the user are capable to fill Sharepoint Metadata in a visual way (selecting a text area inside the acquired document and dragging into Sharepoint Metadata fields).


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