Solution Feature: Saving Time & Money with Easy Travel Expense Approvals, Efficient Help Desk Support, and Effective Proposal Management

The CorasWorksWorkplace Suite – Winter 2005 includes 21 off-the-shelf business solutionsthat can be used to create a variety of integrated workplaces, point solutions, andenterprise applications. All of these solutions are ready to use out of the box, andare easily built and connected using CorasWorks’ new Workplace Wizard™, also includedin the Winter 2005 release. By utilizing these solutions and learning from their example,your organization can save a significant amount of time and money.Thisarticle reviews three of the 21 solutions available to you and discusses them to provide a glimpse of the power and flexibility they offer. They are meant to act as a springboard for you to think about how you can start to put the solutions to work for you.

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