Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 on HP BladeSystem servers

This white paper discusses deploying Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 on HP BladeSystem servers. Subjects covered include:

  • the business cases for employing blade technology
  • how blades fit within the SharePoint Portal Server 2003 architecture
  • deployment strategy and implementation for HP BladeSystem solutions
  • performance characterization results
  • local vs. SAN storage
  • practical RDP deployment example procedures and scripts
  • example hardware configurations and logical volume design

Conclusions of the paper are that the tested SharePoint Portal Server 2003 deployments capitalize on both the HP BladeSystem architecture, on SAN storage technologies, and provide excellent, scalable performance.  Guidance includes recommended deployment configurations and practical examples of automated deployment procedures and scripts using Rapid Deployment Pack. The document also addresses different storage technologies (e.g. local disks vs. SAN) and how to automate deployment to both types of storage for various SharePoint Portal Server 2003 server roles.

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