Office 2003: XML Reference Schemas

 is download contains documentation on a number of XML schemasfor Microsoft®ffice 2003 Editions including Microsoft Office Word 2003, MicrosoftOffice Excel 2003, Microsoft Office InfoPath®003, and Microsoft Office Visio®003 schemas.It also includes schema information for Microsoft Office OneNote®2003, Microsoft OfficeProject 2003, and Microsoft Office Research Services.

This download contains the Microsoft Office 2003 Edition XML Schema References andrelated documentation including the following:

  • Overviews on WordprocessingML (the XML file format for Word 2003), SpreadsheetML (Excel 2003), FormTemplate XML schemas (InfoPath 2003) and DataDiagramingML (Visio 2003).
  • Additional XML schema information for OneNote, Project, and Research Services.
  • Reference documentation on all Office 2003 schemas, detailing every element and type.

Download here

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  1. LadyK says:

    I do not know if anyone can help me, but I am trying to figure out how to make an excel spreadsheet link to other sheets in the work book.  I have a master sheet and I want to take all rows that fit a certain criteria and put them into individual sheets in the workbook. IE there are 5 different worksites.  I want to add the information to the first sheet and have it copy automatically to subsequent sheets.  Area A, Area B, Area C, Area D, & Area E.  I enter the information and excel pulls it from that sheet to the pertinent sheet for that person.

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