Active Directory User Manager Web Part

With the Active Directory User Manager (ADManager) you will be able to manage users of your organization from within a Sharepoint Site or Sharepoint Area. This feature is especially useful if you use Sharepoint as an Intra- and Extranet.

Comments (4)

  1. Anton Tomassen says:

    Hello I am a 2003 server adminsitrator at a college.  I wish to put a webpart on that allows teachers to enter the student username and reset their password to a  default value.  When the student logs on they will be prompted to change their password from the default to the one of their choice.

    Alternatively a webpart that allows the teacher to enter a username and password and set it for the student.


  2. The Sharepoint Initiative says:

    We have an Active Directory Search Web Part :…/active-directory-search-web-part-for-sharepoint

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