Project Server 2003 Web Parts and URL Options

Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 provides six Web Parts that allow users to access Project Server data from Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003.

This download includes the HTML Help file pj11WebParts.chm that explains how to usethe Project Server Web Parts, and how you can easily change the views of standardpages in Project Web Access with URL options, and then quickly create customized WebParts from the modified views. You can assemble the Web Parts into your own custompages as shared documents, and add other components from your organization's Web Partgalleries.

The download also includes a Web Part .NET assembly that you can use on any serverwith Windows SharePoint Services or SharePoint Portal Server, even if Windows SharePointServices is not provisioned by Project Server. You can use the .NET assembly thatis provided in the download to create highly customizable Web Part Pages that allowyou and your team to use Project Server data. The instructions also explain how tomodify the C# code, create a strongly named key, and install your own custom assembly.

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