ne avete sentito parlare? qualche vostro cliente vi ha chiestoqualcosa a riguardo un'eventuale conformità di Office? nei corridoi qualcuno ha urlatoquesta parola, inpronunciabile, bestemmiando subito dopo?

Se solo avete idea di cosa sia sto coso, pls datemiun fischio! Grazie!!

Do you know this term? Do you know where I can find the best summarized informations?I'd like to collect some information on this legislation, with focus on Europe casesand technology impact.

So, pls, leave any comment directly on the blog or sendme an e-mail, also from the blog. Many thanks to everyone and have a good job.

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  1. una legge americana che stabilisce integrita’ di processi e dati nelle aziende quotate

  2. Sahil Malik says:

    I did a whole project on SOX implementation, your best bet is

  3. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act is a regulation that was passed on the USA to make companies more accountable for (among other things) bad accounting practices.

  4. Roberdan1 says:

    By far the biggest collection of Sarbanes-Oxley knowledge is in the forum at:

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