Sap & Sharepoint integration

1. You can display iView within SPS web part with the iView web part tool kit.

Link to the article

Here’s the workspace on gotdotnet

2. You can setup SAP ITS, to display SAP GUI in SPS Page Viewer Web Part, like this:

3. Microsoft had developed two sample SPS web parts which call SAP web service developed by using .NET connector, to display data from SAP.

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  1. Hi,

    I would like to know if you can use SAP DMS with SharePoint?

    Please advise,


  2. luc deleu says:

    Ometa build a full bidirectional integration between SAP and SharePoint.

    The integration can work sync or asynchronical. So if SAP is not available the changes in SharePoint remain on pending state.

    You can also make link between lists and SAP RFC’s. This information stays synchronised. Each transaction you start on the SharePoint lists will generate automaticly the linked RFC events. Resulting in a bi-directional communication.

    Look on the website for more information and some use cases regarding this connector.

  3. JB says:

    Here a link to another solution of how to interagte SAP business data in to SharePoint using BCS:

    How to Integrate SAP Business Data Into SharePoint 2010 Using Business Connectivity Services and LINQ to SAP…/SP2010SAPToBCS.aspx


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