Thanks, Linux (thx to Forbes)

Thanks,Linux (fromForbes Magazine)

Guess who's benefiting from the "free" operating system? If you said Microsoft, you're correct.

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  1. This article has too many false statements and conclusions drawn out of air that it cannot be taken seriously.

  2. Ross says:

    From the article: But when they commissioned a study to evaluate costs, they found it would be cheaper to stick with Windows.

    I would guess that when you are *that* entrenched, staying where you are will always be cheaper than ripping everything out. It’s also apparent that newham were bluffing in order to get cheaper licences, quite a common trick in UK local government.

  3. achim says:

    From the article:
    <br>&quot; Some, like the folks in Newham, are discovering that Microsoft isn’t ripping them off at all.&quot;
    <br>Well, I learned that when I realized that Microsoft is currently making 30 Dollars profit of every 100 Dollars I give them… 😉

  4. senkwe says:

    That story is pretty laughable, even to an MS fan like me 🙂

  5. Matt says:

    Really those UK local governments are tricky! I’m sure there’s not a competent software evaluator among them. They should have gone with IBM. IBM’s a much better company now they’ve given up OS/2 for Linux.
    <br>I’m sure that Windows could not possibly suit their needs, especially given the price of a Redhat, IBM or SUSE implementations.
    <br>When will all those thick people learn that it’s much better to give your money to Linux companies than MS. And the extra cost of Linux over Windows developers is worth it, in the end, because your in house software will be so much free-er!

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