SAP iView Web Part Toolkit for SharePoint Products and Technologies

Thx to: Jan Tielens

A Web Part for Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 that can call and display the contents of specific SAP NetWeaver iViews.

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  1. Balmiki says:


     I have been working on SAP integration with MOSS 2007 system. But while configuring my MOSS server I do not find the "TrustedSAPHosts.config" file or the sample "TrustedSAPHosts.XML.sample" file under the CONFIG folder. Can anybody please tell me what could be the reason? I have created a config file manually but it does not seem to work, showing an error that SAP host not configured(in the iView webpart in MOSS)

    Can somebody send me a sample file?

    email me at

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