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On the very first day I decided to start blogging, I wanted to create an InfoPath form as a blog client: the current web UI is inconvenient to use and InfoPath seems a perfect fit for this kind of job! It is finally done a few weeks after the initial thought. Here is the information:


System requirements:

1) .Net Framework 1.1

2) Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 SP1 Preview

Important notes: 

a) InfoPath SP1 Preview will expire by the end of July, 2004. If you have not downloaded it yet, you probably want to wait for the official SP1 bits, which should be available soon to the general public. If you can't wait and don't mind the 140MB download, here is the download link.

b) Due to a bug in SP1 Preview, this form may fail to open on machines with both .Net Framework 1.1 and .Net Framework 2.0 installed side by side. You can either wait for the official Infopath SP1 release, which has this bug fixed, or use the form on a machine with only .Net Framework 1.1 installed.


Intended users:

Bloggers using a .Text blog account.

Note: I only tested with http://weblogs.asp.net. If your blog server is a custom build of .Text, this form may not work for you. I would like compile a list of servers that the form likes and doesn't like. If you try it out with your blog server, please provide the results in the comments for this post.



It is too big to include in the post. You can see it here. Remember to enlarge the picture when you open it in the browser.


Install instructions:

Download the simpleblogger.msi and run it. If you installed simpleblogger before, please uninstall it first.


Revision history: - 7/19/2004 - Original release - 7/20/2004 - Added error handling code for form load, minor UI touch up.



Open the InfoPath form from your install location(default: %ProgramFiles%\InfoPath Form Templates\simpleblogger.xsn).


Support policy:

This is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. Use of this form is subject to the terms specified in the Terms of Use.


Feature highlights, limitations, notes, etc:

I will add those later. Please keep the URL of this post for future reference since I will post any changes, updates here.


Enjoy blogging!

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  1. SimonTocker says:

    Nice, cant get it to work with my blog, complains about the schema and the "managing editor", But this is standard dotText stuff I never did anything fancy to it.

    If you know what this is perhaps you could post to your blog or not as I don’t expect support.

  2. Roberdan says:

    Please, visit the THX to Link to have more info about.


    Every time I get some news fron the web or from others bloggers I put the THX To Link to the source.

    for now my blog is jus a quick news feed for my customers and friends so, not all the time I can check all the content.

    THX for your Feedback and see you soon on this blog.


  3. Mohammad says:

    nice is nice and infopath ……….

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