Visualizzatori di Excel e di Word sono scaricabili dal web!

I visualizzatori consentono di aprire, visualizzaree stampare cartelle di lavoro di Excel e documenti Word anche se non si dispone diExcel o di Word. Inoltre questa versione dei visualizzatori implementa la funzionalità di controllo della firma digitale, funzionalità necessaria per competere con Adobe Reader 6.0!!! I sistemi operativi supportati sono Windows 2000 Service Pack 4,…


Business Intelligence Portal Sample Application for Microsoft Office

The business intelligence portal sample application for Microsoft Office 2003 is an integrated, customizable, multi lingual web-based OLAP solution that enables employees in an organization to create and share structured (OLAP/Relational) and unstructured (Documents, URLs) views, based on various data sources, such as SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services, offline cube files, relational databases, SQL Server…


Office 2003 Tablet PC Update: Improved Ink Recognition

With this update you will experience improved ink recogition when using Microsoft Office 2003 on your Tablet PC.


Nucleus Research

Nucleus has created a web site devoted to Microsoft ROI (with also Sharepoint, of course 😉

Icons are not displayed for Adobe PDF documents that are listed in the search results when you search your portal site in SharePoint Portal Server 2003;EN-US;832809 To resolve this issue, make sure that the Adobe PDF IFilter and the .pdf file type are configured correctly on the server. To install Adobe PDF IFilter 5.0 and configure SharePoint Portal Server 2003 to index .pdf files, follow these steps: 1. Download Adobe PDF IFilter 5.0 from the following Adobe Web site:…

Smart Library 2.0


Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Management Pack for MOM

This management pack was originally released on November 18, 2003.The Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Management Pack monitors eventsplaced in the Application event log. This management pack highlights events that indicatepossible service outages or configuration problems, so you can quickly take correctiveor preventative actions. For example, this management pack alerts you of the followingcritical…


HTML Viewer Service for Windows SharePoint Services

The Office HTML Viewer server provides support for users who want to view the content of files in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services document libraries, but do not have Word, Excel, or PowerPoint from Office 97, or a newer release of Office, installed on their local computer.  

Project Server 2003 Web Parts and URL Options

Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 provides six Web Parts that allow users to access Project Server data from Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003. This download includes the HTML Help file pj11WebParts.chm that explains how to usethe Project Server Web Parts, and how you can easily change the views of…