TechRepublic article on Speech Recognition in Windows Vista

Deb Shinder just posted a new article up on TechRepublic about Speech Recognition in Windows Vista. It’s one of the most complete articles I’ve seen yet. I really like how detailed the article is. If you want a good overview (with juicy details and plenty of pictures) you can check it out here.


Oliver Scholz does a demo of Windows Speech Recognition on

Oliver’s going to become a celebrity here pretty soon with as many demos as he’s been doing showing off the cool new Windows Speech Recognition feature in Windows Vista. Here’s another one, this time on Microsoft’s own


Transferring Windows Speech Recognition profiles from one machine to another

Today a customer wrote in and asked: “I was wondering if you knew if Vista stores its data files of a users speech pattern in such a way so it can be transferred to other computers; in particular if I was to re-install my operating system.” Good question! The good news is that not only…


Cool new Windows Speech Recognition Video

There seem to be a lot of videos of Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) floating around the internet these last few days since the final release of Windows Vista. Some are intended to be funny. But some are really good demonstrations of WSR in action. One particular video I found this morning was by Richard Costall,…


Word 2007 + Windows Speech Recognition

If you’re using Windows Speech Recognition in Windows Vista, and you’re also using Microsoft Word 2007, you might be wondering… How can I access things that are on different tabs in the new Microsoft Word UI with just one command, instead of two. This very question came up this week on the Yahoo! MS-Speech newsgroup. Here’s what…

Windows Speech Recognition – A little known security "feature"

We take security seriously here at Microsoft. For example, every single developer, program manager, and tester that I know has taken several security training courses in the last few years. In fact there’s even an online system here at Microsoft that shows who has taken security courses recently, and more importantly who hasn’t. Then, as…


Windows Vista Accessibility Tutorials — including Windows Speech Recognition

In addition to the demos recently put up on the Accessiblity web site, there are also tutorials that go thru the various accessibility features in Windows Vista. You can get to those tutorials here. For Windows Speech Recognition, there are 6 different tutorials:Start Speech RecognitionSetup microphoneTake Speech Tutorial Train your computer to better understand youOpen the…

Windows Speech Recognition Demo now online on

As part of the overall effort to document all the features of Windows Vista that might be useful to people with disabilities, the Accessibility group here at Microsoft just went live with a number of demos on their Accessibility web site. Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) thus has it’s own demo that runs a little over…


WSR’s in David Pogue’s Top 10 list

David Pogue published his annual Top 10 list again this year in the NY Times. In it, Microsoft got 2 of the 10 nods.  The first nod was for the wireless song transfer features of the Zune (something the whole music industry has pointed out was an innovative, thought leading feature). And … the second nod for…