A user authored guide to macros: WSRMacros: The User Guide

Many of you know that we’ve been working on our Windows Speech Recognition Macros utility for a while now. We released the first technical preview in April, a refresh in August/September, and we’re continuing to refine the technology that will ultimately lead to a full release sometime soon. One of the difficulties users have faced…


Say2Go awarded 1st Prize in ISV/Software Solutions in Microsoft’s 2008 Partner Contest

Congratulations to Myro Mykhalchuk and his team at Say2Go for winning 1st Prize in Microsoft’s 2008 Partner Contest for ISV/Software Solutions! Say2Go allows users to do something they’re calling "Voicing" between IM users. Voicing is more like voicemail than IM. Say2Go allows users to press and hold a button, speak what they want to say…


Dee Jay: A voice-controlled juke box for Windows Vista

I stumbled across a new app on the net that uses the cool new recognition platform and recognizer included in Windows Vista. It’s called Dee Jay and it was written by Martin L. Shoemaker from Inkon Software. I haven’t downloaded it myself, but from it’s description it sounds very cool. Here’s what Martin says you…


My Exposé supports Windows Speech Recognition

Simon Ferguel just released an update to his My Exposé application (similar to Exposé on the Mac). This version also includes support for Windows Speech Recognition using the built in Speech Recogntion capabilities of Windows… Neat. It’s nice to see more and more people building Speech Recognition functionality right into their applications.


CNET video: StreetDeck in a Scion

Here’s a video of a decked out Scion that has an integrated Windows XP computer running StreetDeck software from MP3Car.com. This is the same software I run on my XP machine in my car, with my very own custom speech interface for playing media from my media collection.