Want to see what you can do with Speech across 3 screens and a cloud?

Happy 2010!   I talked about what we’ve all been up to in 2009 in the Speech group on the Speech Team blog the other day… Focusing across the 3 screens and a cloud…   I also thought it’d be interesting to see the demo/video I put together on Channel 10 that demos some of…


Macro of the Day: Disable Cap [textInDocument]

A reader recently wrote to us here at Microsoft, and asked us if there was a way to disable the built in command for "Cap [textInDocument]". Sometimes, for some people, this command can be recognized a little too easily if you’re actually trying to insert text that already exists in the document. So … I…


Macro of the Day: Microphone Control

I’ve got two microphones that I use most of the time. An Andrea SoundMAX SuperBeam 2 element array-microphone from Andrea Electronics An xTag wireless microphone from RevoLabs I really love both of them, and I use them interchangeably throughout the day. If I’m doing quick command and control stuff while I’m typing, I prefer to…


Macro of the Day: Math Test!

One of the joys of being a parent is helping them learn. I’m very lucky, in that regard, because my kids love learning. In fact, my son Zac really loves Math. He gets that from both his Mom and his Dad. So, when he was a little guy, I made a Word Macro to make…


Macro of the Day: Search Tivo for That!

Every year in the Fall it’s time for me to check out what’s new on TV, and decide what, if anything, I’m going to start watching. This year’s no different… Ah… Well … It was actually different. This year, just a couple weeks ago, my Tivo completely died. I’d only had it for about 7…


WSRMacros – A new MSDN Code Gallery for Speech Macros

I’ve always wanted a good place to upload all my speech macros that I talk about on my Macro of the Day posts. And now … Finally. I have a home for them. Check it out here. Neat…


Speech Macro of the Day: Speech Dictionary

I get feedback from people, from time to time, that they’d like a more efficient way to add items to their speech dictionary. Although, there is a facility in Windows Speech Recognition already to do this, it’s one word at a time, and it only allows you to record the pronunciation, not specify it yourself….


Macro of the Day: Windows Media Player

Have you ever wanted to control your media player with your voice? Well now you can! With today’s Macro of the Day, you can say things like “Play Hotel California”, or “Play The Eagles”, or, “Play Genre Rock”, and even “Play something by The Eagles”. Today’s macro is one of the first Macros I created…


Making a Speech macro Application Specific

A common question I get is, "Hey, Rob, How do I make a speech macro application specific?" I’ve posted a couple examples of that embedded in other more complex macros, but here’s the simple version. To make a macro application specific, you’ll have to edit the XML by hand. To do that, you can open…


Macro of the Day: Say what you want and get it! (inside Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)

Today’s macro of the day is a cool trick involving another free tool from Microsoft called Search Commands. Search Commands helps you find commands, options, wizards and other cool stuff in Office 2007 applications (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). It’s like search, but instead of searching content, it searches the tasks that are available in Microsoft…