Macro of the Day: Send Email to [OutlookContact]

Today’s macro let’s you say things like "Send email to Rob", or "Send email to Rob Chambers", and as long as I’m a contact in your Outlook Contacts, you can send me mail! It also allows you to say "Send email to Rob Chambers about That cool outlook macro", it’ll open up Outlook, create a…


Macro of the day: Next Slide

Have you ever found yourself giving a presentation about speech recognition and wished you could simply advance from slide to slide using speech recognition? Well … I have. I’ve been using this really cool microphone I got from eMicrophones, called a RevoLabs xTag. It let’s me walk around the audience, and still be able to…


Macro of the Day: Tell me the weather forecast for Redmond

Another good request for a macro came in the other day, this time from Brian (Thanks Brian). Here’s what he wanted: A macro that can tell him the weather forecast. Once you install this macro, you’ll be able to say things like "What is the weather like in Redmond", or "Tell me the weather forecast…


"I’ve started using the speech recognition features and I’m blown away!"

Quote of the day from the blogosphere (from Carl Franklin) that caught my eye: “I’ve started using the speech recognition features and I’m blown away!” Thanks Carl. Now … Have you tried using the WSR Macros we just released? You might like that too…


Macro of the Day: Read that

Following up the macro of the day from last week, here’s "Read That". Instead of inserting quotes, double quotes, and parentheses and/or formatting text, today’s macro allows you to say "Read That", or "Read the next 3 paragraphs"… I also threw in "What time is it?" and "What’s today’s date" just for fun… You’ll need…


Microsoft Speech Powered Azentek Wins International Telematics Award for Best Aftermarket Device

Did you know you could experience Microsoft’s Speech Recognition technology in cars? No, I’m not talking about Ford Sync. I’m talking about an after market system designed to run Windows Vista in an in-dash PC made by Azentek. And … They just won the International Telematics Award for Best Aftermarket Device. Cool! "Azentek, today announced…


WSR Macro of the Day 2008.05.23: "Symbol That"

Now that the WSR Macro tool has been out for a couple weeks, it’s clear that people are loving it! For those of you that haven’t tried it, I’m going to start posting example macros to help everyone realize just how powerful the system really is. Today’s macro is called "Symbol that". A long time…


Sending Keys using custom WSRMacros

We’ve received some comments and questions recently from users trying out the new WSR Macros utility we released on about keystroke macros. Here’s the scoop… We utilize a very similar syntax for sending keys from macros as compared with other built-in functionality in the OS. However, we’ve extended it in a few ways. Instead…


Two new Videos on Speech Recognition Development

Will DePalo (a Microsoft MVP) just posted two new videos on MSDN that show how to program against the built in speech APIs in Windows. Check it out! How Do I- Get Started with Speech Recognition? How Do I- Use Speech Recognition in an Application? Thanks Will!