WSRMacros – A new MSDN Code Gallery for Speech Macros

I’ve always wanted a good place to upload all my speech macros that I talk about on my Macro of the Day posts. And now … Finally. I have a home for them. Check it out here. Neat…


Interesting article about Nuance on CNET: Wonder why everything isn’t speech controlled?

In my morning look at news, I saw this article about why everything isn’t already speech enabled. Steve Tobak’s basic premise here is that it’s because Nuance doesn’t really want everything to be speech enabled. He posits the idea that perhaps they only want things that are high profit margin to be speech enabled. Hmmm……


Macro of the Day: Mute the speakers!

A user wrote in to me via my blog the other day and asked: “Is there a way to control volume using WSR? I can’t find any command that will do it. Can you point to a WSR Macro that might help me? Thanks for any help you can give.” Great question. Vista’s Windows Speech…


Speech Macro of the Day: Speech Dictionary

I get feedback from people, from time to time, that they’d like a more efficient way to add items to their speech dictionary. Although, there is a facility in Windows Speech Recognition already to do this, it’s one word at a time, and it only allows you to record the pronunciation, not specify it yourself….


Say2Go awarded 1st Prize in ISV/Software Solutions in Microsoft’s 2008 Partner Contest

Congratulations to Myro Mykhalchuk and his team at Say2Go for winning 1st Prize in Microsoft’s 2008 Partner Contest for ISV/Software Solutions! Say2Go allows users to do something they’re calling "Voicing" between IM users. Voicing is more like voicemail than IM. Say2Go allows users to press and hold a button, speak what they want to say…


Macro of the Day: Windows Media Player

Have you ever wanted to control your media player with your voice? Well now you can! With today’s Macro of the Day, you can say things like “Play Hotel California”, or “Play The Eagles”, or, “Play Genre Rock”, and even “Play something by The Eagles”. Today’s macro is one of the first Macros I created…


Using Macros of the Day: A Step by Step Guide

I’ve been posting macros for a few weeks now, and one question that comes up from time to time is, "Hey Rob, How do I use the macros that you’ve created? They look really cool, but I’m not sure how to save them onto my PC. Please help!" It’s a good question, and right now…


Making a Speech macro Application Specific

A common question I get is, "Hey, Rob, How do I make a speech macro application specific?" I’ve posted a couple examples of that embedded in other more complex macros, but here’s the simple version. To make a macro application specific, you’ll have to edit the XML by hand. To do that, you can open…


Macro of the Day: Say what you want and get it! (inside Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)

Today’s macro of the day is a cool trick involving another free tool from Microsoft called Search Commands. Search Commands helps you find commands, options, wizards and other cool stuff in Office 2007 applications (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). It’s like search, but instead of searching content, it searches the tasks that are available in Microsoft…


Disney’s "Innovention Dream Home": A look inside

I love Disneyland, and I love technology, so it’s a no-brainer for me to absolutely love Disney’s new "Innovention Dream Home". Basically, it’s a home of the future, as envisioned by Microsoft, HP, Life/ware, and Disneyland situated right inside the Disneyland park in Southern CA in Tomorrowland. I saw a video about the 5,000 square…