Interesting article about Nuance on CNET: Wonder why everything isn’t speech controlled?

In my morning look at news, I saw this article about why everything isn't already speech enabled. Steve Tobak's basic premise here is that it's because Nuance doesn't really want everything to be speech enabled. He posits the idea that perhaps they only want things that are high profit margin to be speech enabled. Hmmm...

One of his gripes is about remote controls. Perhaps Steve should take a look at a new speech macro based on Windows Vista authored by Glen Shires and posted on the ms-speech Yahoo! discussion board. In that macro, Glen has enabled channel changing of his ReplayTV via a Slingbox and his Windows Vista PC with the built-in Windows Speech Recognition and the current technical preview of Windows Speech Recognition Macros that's available here.

So ... Steve, if you want to speech enable something, take a look at the macro system. You can speech enable just about anything, as long as you have Windows Vista near by...

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  1. rossjudson says:

    I think you’ve only mentioned array microphones once, according to search. I just configured up my headset to work with vista speech recognition and I’m very happy with the results so far, except for my irritating headset microphone!

    Any thoughts on array microphones? Which one do you use?

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