Windows Live Search vs Google Maps Mobile

Since shipping the speech enabled version of Windows Live Search for Windows Mobile a couple weeks ago, it’s been fun watching and listening to users, blogs, and the press discuss the new features in Live Search for Windows Mobile.

Today, over at, they just posted a review comparing scenario by scenario how Windows Live Search for Windows Mobile stacks up against Google Maps Mobile. In the end, they declare Live Search the clear winner.

Here are the final scores:

Scenario Live Search Google Maps
Entering your current location +1 0
Search for a business (Carpet Man in Rockville, MD) and email results +1 0
Search for the closest Starbucks from my current location (no GPS) and display directions +1 +1
Search for the nearest gas station from the Starbucks location +1 0
Search to see what movies are playing near the gas station +1 0
Search for a brewery near the movie theater +1 +1
Total 6 2

They also really liked the new speech recognition features. They said:

“[…] with the addition of voice recognition Windows Live Search is the clear winner for my PDA.”

Thanks PocketNow! Glad you like it!