SpeechTEK 2007 in NY

SpeechTEK is always an interesting convention for those that are interested in speech technologies. I often go to see what the industry at large is up to, and to see if I can meet some customers.

This year, in addition to just attending, I'll also be teaching  a session at SpeechTEK University, which is held on site at the same time. I'll be teaching STKU-6: Developing Applications Using System.Speech and SAPI on Windows Vista.

Here's the description of the course from the SpeechTEK Program Guide:

Developing Applications Using System.Speech and SAPI on Windows Vista

Rob Chambers, Principal Development Lead and Architect, Microsoft)

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007, 1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Speech recognition and speech synthesis have come a long way at Microsoft in the past 10 years. The evolution of the developer APIs, the included TTS and SR engines, and the integrated user experiences in Windows Vista will have a profound impact on the availability of Windows applications in the future. In this course, you will learn about both SAPI and System.Speech in a hands-on lab setting (bring your own laptop). Attendees with either COM and C++ experience or managed code developers with C# experience will experience Microsoft speech offerings for the desktop firsthand. (Attendees will receive hardware specs and resources to download in advance.)

If you've ever wanted to learn first hand how to use the developer APIs included for free with Windows Vista, feel free to sign up to SpeechTEK University this year.

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