Windows Speech Recognition — Where’s the API documentation?!

I get a lot of email from customers every day. And some days I end up answering the same questions again and again. Don't get me wrong, I love hearing from customers, and I love enabling them to do great things with Microsoft products.

The real problem isn't that customers ask questions ... it's that the information that they need isn't always easily found. Well ... I'm hopeful that all this blogging is really going to help users. So I'm going to try an experiment and see how it works.

I'm going to try and start answering customer questions by sending them a link to my blog. If the answer is not already on my blog, I'll put it there, and then send them the freshly coined link... Sound good?

OK... So what's the first question that I get asked frequently? Well, it's probably not the most common question, but it's one near and dear to my heart as a platforms kind of guy...

Q: Where can I find Speech API documentation?

A: On MSDN of course. Try these different locations depending on how you want to call into the speech APIs:

Do you have a question? Send it in and I'll try to get it answered...

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  1. I’ve blogged about how to find the Speech APIs on MSDN before, but have you wondered if anybody is writing

  2. Last week I wrote about how to transfer profiles using the Easy Transfer Wizard . That generated some

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