CrunchGear compared Apple’s OS X Speech Recognition to Windows Speech Recognition in Vista

CrunchGear posted a comparison of Apple's OS X and Windows Vista yesterday, going over feature by feature discussing similarities and differences. For each feature CrunchGear declared a winner. It was neat to see that one of the areas they compared OS X and Vista was the speech recognition capabilities of each OS.

I was proud to see that CrunchGear declared Vista the winner in the Speech Recognition category:

"Speech Recognition – Hands down, Vista. Voice recognition in OS X is an afterthought at best and cripple-ware at worst . I’m not big on voice recognition, but I do know when someone has gotten it right."

And ... They also said that in general Vista is better than OS X:

"Verdict – In the context of this examination, we see that Vista is currently pouncing all over OS X Tiger in most scenarios. Microsoft has considerably improved its flagship product and should be applauded for taking so many modern operating system concepts and dragging them front and center. "

It's nice to see that CrunchGear likes what Microsoft has done.

"But didn't Apple have Speech Recognition features in the OS before Microsoft?"

Well ... many people have posted on the net about that, and they've talked about how Microsoft was just copying Apple's efforts. Well, if you've used both Apple's speech offering and Microsoft's Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) in Windows Vista, you'd see that that is just completely crazy.

In fact, David Pogue recently noticed that WSR wasn't an area where Microsoft copied Apple: "... not all of the new goodies fell from the Apple tree." Of course, David loves what we've done with WSR too... And David is a huge Apple fan. All the nicer...


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