Experiencing a "Wow" moment with Windows Speech Recognition

Reading customer comments on Windows Vista's Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) is always fun. I love to hear the positive ... and the negative (after all we have to learn what our customers want).

This weekend, I saw a post by a new Vista user named Marc. He's a software developer that has used Dragon Naturally Speaking for a while, and as he puts it, he: "also happens to be afflicted with spinal muscular atrophy (a severe neuromuscular disorder)".

I was delighted to read that he really liked what he saw and experienced when he tried out WSR in Windows Vista.

Comparing Windows Speech Recognition to Dragon Naturally Speaking, he says:

"Of course, all of this has largely been available before in third-party applications, like Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking (DNS), but, in my opinion, never so elegantly and effectively with the entire user experience. Just try comparing Microsoft Speech Recognition and DNS when surfing the web in Internet Explorer or finding a file in Windows Explorer, and you'll quickly understand what I mean. "

And his final comments are my favorite:

"I, for one, am appreciative of all of Microsoft's effort put into speech recognition and am grateful it has become a mainstream feature in Windows. Indeed, I may have actually experienced a genuine "wow" moment because of it. "

Thanks Marc. We put a lot of effort into WSR and it's always nice to hear when users appreciate all that effort. I'm glad you could get a wow moment out of it. I know a lot customers will feel just like you did once they a chance to play with Windows Speech Recognition in Windows Vista.

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