Using Windows Speech Recognition for temporary disabilities

One of the very interesting uses of Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) with Windows Vista will probably be when people start to use it when they have some immediate need.

For example, I've blogged before about Larry Magid (who's a reporter) breaking his elbow, and trying out WSR for the first time then.

Our own Rob Sinclair, Director of Accessibility here at Microsoft had a similar experience recently when he had surgery on his shoulder.

Well, now that Windows Vista is available to corporate users, and it'll soon be available to all users with the consumer launch of Windows Vista on January 29nd, more and more people are trying out Windows Vista. And, when they run into a temporary situation where they can't use their hands, they're turning to WSR.

I see more and more of this every day in the blogosphere. I'm sure it'll ramp up even more once Vista's widely deployed...

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