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Keeping up to date on news and newsgroups is infinitely easier than it was just a few years ago thanks to RSS. But I still haven't found a good solution to read Usenet news on my phone (where I read 95% of my news and email).

So, I've often wanted something that would bridge the gap between the world of Usenet and the world of RSS. But I've never found the right solution... until I wrote something myself...

Last week I wrote some simple ASP.NET code on top of Smilla's NNTP .NET classes that serve up RSS 2.0 documents given an NNTP server and a group name. The Smilla classes are really nice and powerful enabling me to have something codded up in about an hour.

Now I can read the Microsoft Speech Usenet feeds on my phone easily using my favorite Windows Mobile RSS reader.

Now the question for you... would you like to do the same? If there's sufficient demand I'll either share the source or host something publically for all you speech enthusiasts wishing for a Usenet to RSS bridge for the public speech news groups... let me know in the comments...

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  1. Rob let me try out his new RSS-enabled newsgroup reader , so now I can finally start to track all those

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