Accuracy out of the box

We’ve really tried to make the Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) experience great, right out of the box. It’s nice to hear others finding that we’ve done a good job here. Take for example, Ashleigh Charlesworth’s recent article for Blog Critics Magazine, where Ashleigh says: One of the most impressive features to play with on Vista is…


The Potential of Windows Vista Accessibility

jrfree from Florida just blogged yesterday about the potential of Windows Vista Accessibility. When talking about Windows Speech Recognition, he says: … it will open up a whole new world for people with physcial challenges who previously either had to purchase expensive third party solutions, or just go without adequate computer access. The built in…


Are you talking to me?

Dr. Bill Crounse, Director of Healthcare here at Microsoft, interviewed me about Windows Speech Recognition a few days ago. That interview is now live on the front page of Check it out!


Vista gets to grips with speech recognition

Here’s a really positive article on Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) in Windows Vista … Some of the highlights: “… I have to say it’s pretty impressive. ” “The “show numbers” command is particularly good.” “To its credit, Microsoft has put a lot of work into making the software intuitive.” “It’s not quite the Jetsons, but it’s…