jkOnTheRun demos Vista, including Windows Speech Recognition (WSR)

jkOnTheRun is a pretty neat blog (actually in CNET's Blog 100) that keeps track of all things mobile. JK's tagline is "using mobile devices since they weighed 30 pounds." 🙂

Yesterday, JK posted a new JKOTR video, entitled Vista RC2 on a Samsung Q1 UMPC. I love UMPCs, partly because I used to work on the Tablet PC team, and partly because ... well ... They're just so cool!!!

One of the things JK demonstrated on the Q1 was Windows Speech Recognition. It's demo'd at about 32 minutes into the 41 minute video.

JK did mention that the WSR's tutorial doesn't support 800x600 resolution. Something that's come up a time or two before. But, WSR itself works great on that screen resolution.

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