Command and Control versus Dictation

Some folks over at Pronexus recently asked the question: Will people use speech in Vista? [I think so ... but I'm probably a bit biased... ;-)]

They go onto ask for which things will people use Windows Speech Recognition in Windows Vista. For example, will people use WSR primarily to control the UI, or to perform tasks in a "Command and Control" type paradigm. Or will people use it primarily for entering large quantities of text (also known as dictation).

The foks at Pronexus aren't sure, but they hint at more of a command and control use pattern over a text input pattern.

What do you think?

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  1. jnuttallphd says:

    I am dictating this response to you concerning "command-and-control" or "dictation".  Of the speech recognition forums that I frequent, most people’s concerns appear to be about dictation.  But I for one use speech recognition for command-and-control (80%).  I use the Professional version of speech recognition because you can create commands to control your actions on the computer.  By building unique commands you can have a voice command that will dig down through several submenus and carry out an activity.  Once you become used to being able to do this, it is very difficult to work with a computer that does not have this form of intelligence.  Most of the dictation that I do is for e-mails.

    Thanks for posting so many neat things on your blog.

    James Nuttall — Michigan

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