Interview with Oliver Scholz

A few days ago, Long Zheng posted an interview with our very own, Oliver Scholz, Program Manager for Windows Speech Recognition. The interview provides an interesting insight into one of the many people working on Windows Speech Recognition here at Microsoft. In the interview, Oliver answers questions like:

  • What do you do at Microsoft?
  • Where do you work, Redmond? And how many people do you work with?
  • What sort of education/experience did you have before joining Microsoft? Why did you choose speech recognition?
  • Speech recognition as a technology is a pretty big subject, which area do you focus on?
  • What is the most valuable contribution you’ve made to make speech recognition in Vista better?
  • Since Vista Beta 2, has there been much improvement to the speech recognition engine? Or even between every public build?
  • What is the “goal” for speech recognition in Vista? What level of accuracy are you guys aiming for when it comes to shipping Vista?
  • What about beyond Vista? What new goals or problems are you guys trying to tackle?

You might remember Long Zheng's blog from a very popular screen cast he did on Windows Speech Recognition in August... Shortly after he posted that wildly popular screen cast, Oliver sent him some email and they started this nice little conversation on the side about Windows Speech Recognition, which ultimately culminated in the interview post that Long Zheng just put up last week.

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