DigiTools – The importance of Speech Recognition in Education

Karl Barksdale is an advocate for bettering our educational system in many ways here in the US. One such way is to improve Business Education in high schools.

He just posted an interesting entry in his blog this week that talks about what the implications of including speech recognition in Windows Vista are from the perspective of Business Education.

It's an interesting read. I think Karl's definitely onto something here. SR will definitely be a primary interaction model in the future in businesses around the world. What better way to make sure people are trained than to start training them while they're still in school.

I know that SR can be incredibly effective for young adults, and even children considerably younger. My son Zac, who just turned nine years old, has only been using SR for a short time, yet he feels very productive using the features included in Windows Vista.

It'll be quite exciting in a few years when schools start to really understand how much easier it is for people to learn Speech Recognition as a form of input than it is for those same people to learn the QWERTY method of typing.

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  1. jnuttallphd says:

    Hello Rob:

    I work in a Department of Education.  I feel speech recognition is extremely important to the field of education.  Speech recognition is becoming a common everyday experience.  It is now embedded in dialing for every cell phone.  There are even cell phones that have independent text messaging as speech recognition.  As students grow up with speech recognition, it will be second nature to them.  I have met educators who are currently reluctant about speech recognition.  But once speech recognition is universal like in Microsoft Vista, students will easily migrate to using the program.  It will be second nature to them.  I’ve tried to introduce speech recognition to the "older crowd" but they are so used to keyboarding that they easily give up on speech recognition.  With younger students speech recognition, I predict will become the overwhelming preferred way of entering information/writing into the computer.

    Jim — Michigan

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