Daily Tech talks about SR in Vista

Daily Tech talks about SR in Vista:

Voice recognition has gone through serious growing pains over the last decade, and has made it far enough that it has now become a useful tool for everyday computer use. Microsoft is showing a demonstration of the voice recognition capabilities that have been integrated into Windows Vista -- its next generation operating system.

In the demo, voice recognition is put through its usual paces, such as dictating a document in Word, or navigating the OS. But the demo clearly indicates how intuitive the technology has become. In the video demo, Microsoft demonstrates that its technology is able to intuitively recognize what's on the screen and apply voice commands and instructions appropriately. Most importantly, the demonstration takes voice recognition on a test drive through the Web, doing searches and navigating web pages with ease.

If the demo is an indication of what's possible now with voice recognition, we could finally be seeing daily practical uses for the technology. Home theater PCs can definitely take advantage of voice recognition technology, allowing users to sit at the sofa, and navigate their media centers without ever having to use an interface device such as a keyboard or mouse.

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