StreetDeck at CES

One of the coolest demos I saw at CES was from a company called StreetDeck. These are some of the same guys behind, a site I read all the time, and have purchased a lot of stuff from when I put my XP machine in my car. These guys really understand in car computing very well.

The demo was cool for a number of reasons:
1.) They’ve thought thru the entire scenario of in car computing
2.) They’ve integrated gesture recognition and a simple form of handwriting recognition
3.) They’ve integrated speech recognition (which is using the Microsoft Speech Recognition technology)
4.) The fine details of their implementation are impressive. Lots of animations and nice touches to the user interface.

I’m very excited to try it out in my car. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. Once I do, I’ll post back here and tell you what I think.

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