StargateMobile at CES

I’m on a roll with a theme, here, huh? …


I also really liked what I saw at the Stargate Mobile booth. Stargate Mobile has a deal with Ford to supply in car computing for Ford F-150 pick up trucks. I’ve written about this before …


Today I got to play around with their hardware and some of their software. Their demo machine was inside a nicely tricked out Lincoln Navigator, with a custom fiberglass front end in the dash of the Navigator. It was very cool.


The hardware is really light, and incredibly durable. You can toss the units around and they hold up quite well. They’re using a flash drive internally, so there are no moving parts. Nice idea.


Again, I can’t wait to get my hands on one to play with more. If only I had more time … And more ways to get cool stuff to play with.

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