VoiceBox and XM Radio

A couple days ago, VoiceBox and XM Radio announced a partnership where VoiceBox is going to provide some tech along with XM to allow users to “say it and get it” on XM Radio.

Basically, that means that you can say “Play Jazz” and you can get Jazz channels. You can say “Switch to Water Colors” and you’ll switch over to that channel.

You can see a demo of this here and read the press release here.

I should whip up the same type of demo that they had running in their car, in my car, using MS Speech tech. It wouldn't take terribly long to get that kind of simple demo working on Vista. It's really easy to use Speech Recognition in Vista as a developer. I've got both XM and Sirius satellite radio already at home, so maybe I should spend that time ... It'd be fun.

I’m definitely planning on stopping by their booth at CES on Thursday or Friday and put the system through a thorough test. I hope they're letting CES attendees use the system first hand. I wonder what else there is to what they have beyond what they showed in the demo. I hope there's a lot more. What I saw in the demo looked cool, but it didn't look terribly revolutionary.

The XM sponsored Lexus LX 470 concept car will be displayed at CES January 5 - 8 in the Las Vegas Convention Center's North Hall at the XM Satellite Radio booth #4606.

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