Transcription – How important is it to you?

Some people use a feature that’s commonly included as part of a speech recognition product, called transcription.

Transcription is the process of recording your voice on a portable recording device, transferring that recording to the PC, and then having the speech recognition system listen to that recording, and insert the words it thinks it hears into a document for later correction. Microsoft hasn’t implemented that feature in it’s previous releases of Speech Recognition either in Office, or on Windows XP Tablet PC Edition.

I’m curious, though, how many people find that feature interesting, or compelling, or even a must have. So, Readers, you tell me.

  • It’s a must have feature – If you don’t include transcription in Vista, I won’t use SR in Vista,
  • It’s really nice – If you don’t include that in transcription in Vista, I’ll still use SR in Vista, but I’ll have to find a 3rd party product to do transcription for me,
  • It’s nice – I’ll use it if it’s there, but if it’s not that’s just fine,
  • I wouldn’t use it even if it was included.

Let me know what you think …


Comments (1)

  1. Keith Farmer says:

    I don’t even use speech recognition. However, having known people who *must* use speech recognition to use their computers, being able to have some transcription engine available out of the box probably rates it a must-have.

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