Speak4CAD — speech enabling AudoCAD

I found an interesting application tonight. Speak4CAD -- made by Enact Technology. Here's their blurb from their press release today;

Atlanta , GA --Enact Technology, LLC has announced the release of its speak4CAD recognition software, the first software product that dramatically improves AutoCAD® productivity. There are over 3 million AutoCAD users worldwide making it the dominant CAD software. During speak4CAD’s beta-user tests, productivity was measured by comparing manual drawings to those created by spoken drawing commands and dimensions. Bruce Swan, Enact Technology Senior Partner says, “We are extremely pleased at the reception speak4CAD software is receiving. One of our beta-test users, Architect Fernando Andrade’s response is typical of what we’re hearing from everyone now using our product. He says that speak4CAD has entirely changed the way he uses AutoCAD because it enables him to focus on drawing instead of the keyboard--a more natural way to work.”

Neat thing is ... They're using the Microsoft Speech Recognizer. I like that... It's always nice to see cool 3rd party products using our stuff.


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