That fresh crisp morning air

It’s beautiful outside this morning.

I just got to work a few minutes ago, and while I was cruising onto the Redmond Microsoft campus, the leaves were falling slowly and the wind was fresh and crisp. That fresh, crisp smell always reminds me of my first few months here in the Pacific Northwest.

When my wife Kris and I first got here, Microsoft paid for us to stay in temporary hosing about 1/2 a mile from campus. I’d get up every morning and take my dog, Zeema, outside for a walk in the morning. Each morning it was the same: fresh and crisp.

I can’t believe I’ve been here in Washington for over 10 years now. It seems like just yesterday that we arrived with so much hope and so many dreams ahead of us.

Now we have 3 kids (Zac – 8, Nic – 5, and Jac – 1), and a 4th on the way (due in May). We’re in our 2nd house, and life is great. I’m very lucky. And I know it…

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