ScanSoft changed it’s name to Nuance

In case you missed it … ScanSoft, the maker of Dragon Naturally Speaking, changed it’s name to Nuance Communications last week. They’re also going to change their stock ticker symbol from SSFT to NUAN.


Speech Recognition in Vista Beta 2 is almost complete!

Beta 2 is almost complete Speech Recognition in Vista Beta 2 is almost complete. Our developers checked-in the last bug fix for Beta 2 on Friday last week. Only critical must fix bug fixes can be applied between now and time when Beta 2 finally goes out the door to customers. This is truly an…


SAPI 5 is 5 years old!!

It’s hard to believe, at least for me, that SAPI 5 is 5 years old now. For those of you that don’t know, SAPI 5 is the Microsoft Speech API, version 5, that was released to the world on 10/19/2000. SAPI 5 has been the basis for speech application development inside Microsoft since that time….


One Voice announces a speech toolkit for Windows XP Media Center Edition

Casey Chesnut, of brains-n-brawn, sent me some mail over the weekend and alerted me to One Voice’s newest announcement about their Media Center Communicator. Apparently, they’re getting into the speech platform business as well as providing an interesting appliation for controling your media in your XP Media Center. In the press release, Dean Weber, president…


That fresh crisp morning air

It’s beautiful outside this morning. I just got to work a few minutes ago, and while I was cruising onto the Redmond Microsoft campus, the leaves were falling slowly and the wind was fresh and crisp. That fresh, crisp smell always reminds me of my first few months here in the Pacific Northwest. When my…


Vista on my carPC

Well, I finally took the plunge. I have build 5235 (a private build) on my carPC now. Speech is working great in that build. I’m really happy with that aspect… However, I’ll have to keep booting XP until some problems with the audio stack for playback are fixed. I can’t get Windows Media Player to play…