Thursday’s Customer Presentation – A Success!!

First, I'd like to thank those customers who took time out of their busy schedules to come up to Redmond to see our latest Beta 2 progress, and give us very important feedback on how we're doing.

It was quite a tremendous day, Thursday, for the entire speech team. Many members of the team got to go and listen to customers directly, as well as help out in the hands-on session at 11am. We all got to hear lots of positive things people had to say about our latest Beta 2 bits. Things like:

  • "I'm impressed"
  • That "demo blew me away!"
  • "You've nailed exactly what we needed you to nail."
  • "Microsoft Speech is really good. Don't be too shy about positioning it."

But it wouldn't have been a success without hearing all the features and suggestions that customers still want to see us add before we fianlly ship Windows Vista Speech Recognition. The Speech team is going to look at all those requests this week and prioritize what those features and suggestions. Although we can't promise anything, we'll do everything we can to make sure customers are happy with the final product in 2006.

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