Visual Studio Decennial, Redux

I created a page on the Visual Studio site with the customer & partner quotes: Happy Anniversary, Visual Studio! March 2007 (March 19th to be exact) is the Visual Studio Decennial since it marks the 10th anniversary of the release of Visual Studio 97, the first release of Visual Studio. Microsoft PressPass has a page o’quotes…

New Team System Articles on MSDN

There are two new Team System articles on MSDN: Team System: Work Item Tracking by Brian A. Randell Database Unit Testing with Team Edition for Database Professionals by Sachin Rekhi 1266


Groundhog Day at MSDN

Last month, my wife and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary. It’s not romantic, but one of the topics of conversation this time of year is our constant struggle with clutter at home, and how much we’ve accumulated over the years. Eighteen years ago, we had a one-bedroom apartment that was so empty it echoed, and…


Why Vista Matters to Developers

Darryl Taft has an article on eWeek that outlines Why Vista Matters to Developers. As Jim Allchin notes, you can build applications that take advantage of the new technologies in Windows Vista today using Visual Studio 2005 (see Ready for a New Day for extensions to Visual Studio 2005 that provide some of the advancements you’ll…

Reviewing Managed Code

Last week we published an article on MSDN on the topic of reviewing managed code, which you may find interesting if your team performs code reviews or you’re just looking for ways to improve your own code. Reviewing Managed Code Author: John D’Addamio Publishing Date: 02/09/2007 Printed Pages: 6 This document will discuss best practices for…


A Security Overview of Team Edition for Database Pros

Richard Waymire, Program Manager Architect for the Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals group, wrote an article late last year for MSDN (A Security Overview of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals) that provides an overview of the security aspects of the product. To integrate database development into the overall life cycle…


Team Edition for Database Pros on MSDN Subscriber Downloads

Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals is now available for download from MSDN Subscriber Downloads. You can also download an updated version of MSDN Library with the documentation.   1209 Technorati tags: msdn, vsts, team system, data dude


The Future of MSDN and TechNet

If you’d like some insight into what MSDN and TechNet, keep an eye on Justin Grant’s new blog – MSDN and TechNet futures and previews. Hi. I’m Justin Grant, and I’m a product manager for MSDN and TechNet.  My new blog will discuss new features we’re planning on MSDN and TechNet, will review some of…