Updated: Visual Studio 2008 Product Comparison Guide

The first major revision of the Visual Studio 2008 Product Comparison Guide is live. Here’s where you can find it: Visual Studio 2008 Product Comparison. {NOTE: This product comparison is no longer available on the Visual Studio site.} Here are some downloadable versions (DOCX/XPS/PDF): Visual Studio 2008 Product Comparison downloads. This is version 1.02 (version…


A Comprehensive Visual Studio 2008 Product Comparison

See: Updated: Visual Studio 2008 Product Comparison  I just finished working on a very comprehensive product comparison of the Visual Studio 2008 product line. It only covers the IDE products, which means it doesn’t include stuff like Team Foundation Server or Test Load Agent. It covers: Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition Visual Basic 2008 Express…


ISVs: Get Help Managing Licensing and Protection of Your Software

If you’re an ISV (independent software vendor), you may be interested in learning more about Microsoft Software Licensing and Protection Services (SLP Services): Microsoft Software Licensing and Protection Services (SLP Services) provides enforcement of IP protection to help you protect revenues from pirates and competitors; enables SKU agility and flexible license models to help increase…

New Web Site: Microsoft Tester Center

Today, we launched a new site on MSDN – the Microsoft Tester Center! The Microsoft Tester Center showcases the test discipline as an integral part of the application lifecycle, describes test roles and responsibilities, and promotes the test investments required to deliver high-quality software. Source: Tester Center Home The aim of the Microsoft Tester Center…


Visual Studio Content: Love it or Hate it?

Some of the most laborious writing that happens in creating Visual Studio doesn’t happen in code. I’m talking about the millions (literally) of words that go into the product documentation and other content to support the product. As with most aspects of the product, we thrive on your feedback to help create a better product….


New Developer Center Look and Feel

When you get a chance, go check out the new look and feel of the Visual Basic and Visual C# developer centers. We’d love to get your feedback on the new design. One thing you should notice right away is a reduction in fluff graphics. 1334


Reorganizing for Productivity

Seth Godin has a post (Reorganizing for profit) that makes an interesting point about how retailers organize merchandise in ways that seemingly work better for the retailer than they do for the customer. When you go to Home Depot to get what you need to build something out of wood, why don’t you find the…


The Greatest Story Never Told

While reading the comments on Sam Gentile’s post, What’s Great about Being a Microsoft Developer, I followed a link to a post by Martin Plante that ended with:  So for me, the “Microsoft Way” is only a street name, as there is no Microsoft Way, no real influence in the future decisions we make, no single “graspable”…


Managing Complexity

As noted in posts I made back in March (Groundhog Day at MSDN) and in April (Déjà Vu All Over Again), I’m trying to tackle the unenviable task of addressing the growing complexity of content on MSDN. To get a glimpse of what MSDN used to be like when I first got to Microsoft, I used…


Déjà Vu All Over Again

About a month ago I wrote a post titled, Groundhog Day at MSDN. In that post I talked about cleaning up the content mess on MSDN and I likened it to organizing things at home. This weekend I started reading The Laws of Simplicity by John Maeda. In Law 2: Organize, I found this passage,…