Top 9 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, December 30th

ALM Summit 2011: Managing the Agile Process with Aaron Bjork Eric Lippert: Shadowcasting in C#, Part Six Raymond Chen: Using the MNS_DRAGDROP style: Dropping in Gautam Goenka: How To: Bulk edit action recording? Brian Group: The Benefits of an Architecture Review Matthew Manela: A Monadic Pratt Parser Charles Fu: Interoperability between Direct 3D and C++…


How to Read a Computer Book

As someone who has spent a small fortune on books over the years, this paragraph from Seth Godin’s recent post on How to read a business book has me wanting to expand on this topic: Computer books, of course, are nothing but bullet points. Programmers get amazing value because for $30 they are presented with…


4-Year Blog Anniversary

Successful blogs, like successful journalists, are usually associated with a particular beat. For example, Mary-Jo Foley has worked the Microsoft beat for a couple of decades. Four years ago, I started this blog to write a bit about Team System. When this blog had its highest throughput, I was working the Team System beat nearly…


Nine Years at Microsoft

Just a quick post to commemorate my ninth anniversary at Microsoft. I spent time on Friday getting rid of several boxes of accumulated clutter, including a bunch of printed specs for projects that never happened. I even found two drawings my daughter created almost 9 years ago. And now she’s in college. Time flies. 1351


Some Recent Changes for Me

It occurred to me this evening that I haven’t posted to this blog since early February. Following the launch of Visual Studio 2008 last month in LA, I moved into a new role (still within Developer Marketing at Microsoft) to work on marketing communications for our broader developer & user experience marketing campaigns. In addition,…


TED: Simply John Maeda

Earlier this year (Managing Complexity) I blogged about John Maeda’s book, The Laws of Simplicity (Simplicity: Design, Technology, Business, Life). Now you can watch a presentation he did around the same time at TED. The MIT Media Lab’s John Maeda lives at the intersection of technology and art — a place that can get very…


Sell Your Software on Windows Marketplace, Get Paid Twice

You may be familiar with Windows Marketplace, which is one way you can sell downloads of your software online. As you would expect, you get paid when someone buys your software through the site. If you haven’t added your software title to Windows Marketplace yet, see the Windows Marketplace Partner Page to learn how. A…


Reorganizing for Productivity

Seth Godin has a post (Reorganizing for profit) that makes an interesting point about how retailers organize merchandise in ways that seemingly work better for the retailer than they do for the customer. When you go to Home Depot to get what you need to build something out of wood, why don’t you find the…


Coining a New Acronym

Just a passing thought that came up during a conversation with J.D. Meier today: Aggregated Human Aggregation (AHA) – The notion that we choose to collect information for our own personal knowledge base is merely an aggregation of information aggregated by others. Usually, when you find something worthy enough to capture for your own reuse…


The Greatest Story Never Told

While reading the comments on Sam Gentile’s post, What’s Great about Being a Microsoft Developer, I followed a link to a post by Martin Plante that ended with:  So for me, the “Microsoft Way” is only a street name, as there is no Microsoft Way, no real influence in the future decisions we make, no single “graspable”…