New Developer Center Look and Feel

When you get a chance, go check out the new look and feel of the Visual Basic and Visual C# developer centers. We’d love to get your feedback on the new design. One thing you should notice right away is a reduction in fluff graphics. 1334


Groundhog Day at MSDN

Last month, my wife and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary. It’s not romantic, but one of the topics of conversation this time of year is our constant struggle with clutter at home, and how much we’ve accumulated over the years. Eighteen years ago, we had a one-bedroom apartment that was so empty it echoed, and…


New Team System Stuff – 2005-10-05

I know I’m way behind (over 40 days!) on my usual posts where I aggregate Team System content. This post is just to keep this feed fresh until I can catch-up on my regular New Team System Stuff posts. Team Foundation Server on a Domain ControllerIf you choose to install Team Foundation Server on a domain controller…


New Team System Stuff – 2005-08-25

Visual Studio Team System Clean Build checkin policy in Visual Studio 2005 Team SystemErwyn van der Meer notes that the Team Foundation Team Blog has fallen silent for the last few months. Perhaps when Beta 3 gets out the door it’ll come back to life. What about “front-end” artifact tie-ins that might precede the Application…


New Team System Stuff – 2005-08-24

Visual Studio Team System Ali Pasha answers the question, “Why is VB the default language for my Application [in Application Designer]?” and shows how to make diagrams visible to others. Aaron Stebner provides guidance for submitting bugs in the Product Feedback Center on Visual Studio and the .NET Framework. Bruce McLeod has the first post…


New Team System Stuff – 2005-08-13

Visual Studio Team System Extending Visual Studio Team SystemDarren Jefford explores Team Foundation extensibility. Announcing the MSBuild Toolkit for Visual Studio 2005 RC!Chris Menegay linked to this post from June, but I’m still curious to see how this can be used to build .NET 1.0 & 1.1 projects using Team Foundation Build. VSSDK August CTP AvailableHowever, I…


New Team System Stuff – 2005-07-31

Visual Studio Team System Jeff Beehler on the July CTP of Team System, which we’re now dogfooding. ⊕ Learn more about how we are using Team System within Microsoft. ⊕ Dave Bost hsa posted his slides from a Team System presentation in Chicago. ⊕ Richard Hundhausen posted his Team System presentation at Portland Code Camp….


New Team System Stuff – 2005-07-14

Visual Studio Team System There’s a new Team System community site –! ⊕ Well, Jeff Lynch rekindled the fire around Team System pricing over on ⊕, and he was quickly joined by Steve Hebert ⊕ and Brendan Tompkins ⊕. But I think Darrel Norton helps put things in perspective ⊕. I had several discussions at…

Homesteading a Team System Community

It’s now official – the Team System community site is up and running! Thanks to Mickey Gousset, Omar Villareal, Joel Semeniuk and Dave Bost for this collaborative effort. Here are some of the announcement blog posts: Chris Menegay – TeamSystemRocks Lives! Omar Villareal – A Team System community web site is rising… And Mickey…


New Team System Stuff – 2005-07-11

Visual Studio Team System According to my sources, the Team System VPC that was distributed to TechEd attendees in the US and Europe will be available for download sometime this week. Soma blogged about Team System’s contribution to distributed development productivity. At TechEd Europe, more information was released about the Team System/SQL Server/BizTalk Server launch…