Scrum and Cummulative Flow Diagrams (CFD)

For those who have been following our use of Scrum in managing our documentation project for Team System, you may be interested in this post from David Chesnut on how to use the same Cummulative Flow Diagrams (CFD) we use to track our progress through a sprint. Update – see David Anderson’s blog post, too.


Critical Scrum Success Factors

Something interesting happened this last week. Ken Schwaber visited Microsoft and several Microsoft groups presented their experiences with Scrum. This event sparked a large interest in Scrum from more teams. Our own team has already been pinged several times this week from folks in different groups asking about where to get more information on Scrum,…


Capacity, Velocity, and Productivity

In planning our 4th Sprint, which is currently in progress, we wrestled with determining how much backlog each individual and the team as a whole can deliver. The part that was difficult was figuring out how much cost affects each person on the team. In Sprint 3 we stated that each person had a 20%…


Who is the ScrumMaster?

One area where we have deviated from Scrum is in terms of how we apply the role of ScrumMaster. According to Scrum, one person takes on the role of ScrumMaster to facilitate the team on a day to day basis. The ScrumMaster doesn’t do anything else because just the workload of ScrumMaster is a full…


How We Apply Scrum to UE

Making Scrum work with UE has been an interesting task. Scrum was not designed with UE in mind. We have been taking each Scrum concept and then trying to figure out how it applies to what we do. For example, we had to think about backlog. What is our backlog? How do we track it…


Using Scrum to Manage Documentation Projects

I work with David Chesnut on Team Foundation documentation. Recently, he started blogging within Microsoft about our use of Scrum to manage our documentation development. With his permission, I’ll be cross-posting his internal posts (as appropriate) on this feed [TF UE Scrum (RSS)]. Welcome to the Scrum UE Blog. My name is David Chesnut, and I’m…