Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, November 17, 2014

  1. All-In-One Code Framework: Differences between Visual Studio Community Edition and Express Editions
  2. Girish Pillai: Microsoft .NET is now Open Source and Cross Platform (Linux and Macs)
  3. SharpFAQ: Introducing the Visual Studio 2015 Preview for C# and VB
  4. Charles Willis: Memory Usage Tool While Debugging in Visual Studio 2015
  5. Visual Studio Blog: Tools for Apache Cordova Update: iOS Debugging & Windows 8.1 Support
  6. VBTeam: Short Videos Demonstrating What’s New in Visual Studio 2015 Preview for C#, VB, and F#
  7. I Programmer News: Microsoft Open Sources .NET ?
  8. Visual FSharp Team: Announcing a preview of F# 4.0 and the Visual F# Tools in VS 2015
  9. Brady Gaster: New Developer and Debugging Features for Azure WebJobs in Visual Studio
  10. Kangyuan Niu: Details About Some of the New C++ Language Features


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