Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, November 14, 2014

  1. Brad Sams: Microsoft has a new free version of Visual Studio, now available for download
  2. Frederic Lardinois: Microsoft Takes .NET Open Source And Cross-Platform
  3. Daniel Moth: Introducing Visual Studio’s Emulator for Android
  4. Charles Sterling: Announcing DevOps style deployments using Visual Studio 2015 Preview and Azure
  5. Ashok Kirla: How to install RM Azure extension and use the Azure VM in Release Management
  6. Wired: Microsoft Open Sources .NET, Saying It Will Run on Linux and Mac
  7. Microsoft Appeals to Developers, Developers, Developers
  8. Tim Anderson: Microsoft .NET released from its Windows chains... but what ABOUT MONO?
  9. InCycle Software: Big News from Microsoft Connect()!
  10. Visual Studio Toolbox: Visual Studio 2013 Update 4


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