Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Tuesday, October 7, 2014

  1. Visual Studio Blog: Visual Studio “14” CTP 4 and TypeScript 1.1 CTP Released
  2. Filip Ekberg: C# 6.0 What's New
  3. John Atten: ASP.NET Identity 2.0: Introduction to Working with Identity 2.0 and Web API 2.2
  4. Eric Lippert: Confusing errors for a confusing feature, part three
  5. Esteban Garcia: Video: Getting Started with Visual Studio Online
  6. Jonathan Allen: Updated Feature List for C# 6 and VB 12
  7. Visual Studio Magazine: NimbleText: An Editor, Only Better
  8. Matt Harrington: JavaScript unit testing: guiding principles and common excuses
  9. Greg Duncan: Get live diff's with Git Diff Margin Visual Studio Extension
  10. Kim Spilker: Free ebook: Creating Mobile Apps with Xamarin.Forms, Preview Edition


Comments (1)

  1. lb says:

    Hi Rob

    I peruse your Top 10 every day and was very pleased to see my tool NimbleText get a mention. Cheers! Keep on linking away!


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